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The knee is the largest and most complicated joint in the body. Comprised of the ends of the femur and fibula, four strong ligaments, and many different muscles, it’s responsible for a great deal load-bearing and movement. It’s also one of the most stressed joints in the body, putting it at risk for developing joint diseases and injuries.

At Aspire Orthopaedics, Dr Jonathon de Hoog provides conservative management and surgical treatment options for knee conditions in people of all ages. In addition to managing typically sports-related conditions (such as meniscal repair and ligament damage), he has undergone specialist training to provide computer-navigated total knee replacement procedures.

Dr Jonathon de Hoog - Aspire Orthopaedics
Dr Jonathon de Hoog - Aspire Orthopaedics


Total Knee Replacement

Computer-navigated total knee replacement is a newer orthopaedic knee procedure. It uses what is essentially a mini GPS system to provide the surgeon with a real-time, 3D model of the knee joint, giving them greater control in the positioning of the implant. This improves alignment and function, extending the life of the implant and leading to better patient outcomes. Australian data has also shown that it results in lower long-term revision rates.

Since computer navigation is a tool (rather than a surgical technique), it can’t replace the skills of an experiened surgeon, and medical professionals need to undertake specialist training to use it. Dr Jonathon de Hoog provides both comventional and computer-navigated total knee replacements for suitable patients as Aspire Orthopaedics.

Other knee and lower limb procedures

In addition to computer navigated and standard knee replacement procedures, Aspire Orthopaedics provides procedures to treat sports, workplace, and other general lower limb injuries. 

  • Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement – patient specific implant cutting guides

  • Patello-femoral joint replacement – for a chronic arthritic patella femoral joint

  • Patella realignment and ligament reconstruction – for a chronic dislocating patella

Dr Jonathon de Hoog - Aspire Orthopaedics

Local Orthopaedic Care

Aspire Orthopaedics provides top-line orthopaedic knee care to Pimlico, Mt Isa, and Townsville. Contact his rooms to book a consultation and see how he can help.

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